About Chef Gutu

Chef Gutu is a man with a passion for good food. Born 1953, and nurtured by good food in a Punjabi home: the paranthas cooked by the nani and dadi, mother and saas, with all that love (“maan ka pyaar”) & desi ghee - the deadly combination for the best food!


Punjabis are a ‘daler’ kaum, outgoing by nature, born givers of love and affection. Some of the best Punjabi food is cooked and served in Amritsar, Lahore and along the highways of India. Dhabas on the G.T. Road were the creation of Punjabi entrepreneurs – a ‘Dhaba’ is a roadside eatery with home-style food served with love, passion and a charpoy.


Chef Gutu is a creation of this culture of Punjabi food. At sixty-one years of age, Chef Gutu has had the pleasure and privilege of not only mastering the most difficult cuisine in the world – Indian – but also of pioneering the Chinese food ‘mobile vans’ in Delhi, in 1976. The first Chinese food mobile van in Delhi, named ‘Hawker’, was launched by Chef Gutu at Delhi Universty and South Extension in September, 1976. Four decades on, it still serves Chinese Punjabi-‘ishtyle’ at Vasant Vihar and Vasant Kunj, in Delhi.


The Chinese food ‘noodle revolution’ initiated by Hawker at affordable prices for the ‘aam aadmi’ created a veritable Chinese-Indian small-scale industry. Chilly chicken, Manchurian and chow-mein are now staple street food in India, courtesy Chef Gutu in this mushrooming noodle chain.


Another credit to Chef Gutu is the menu designed for heart patients at a premiere heart institute in Delhi in 1988. Recipes created by Chef-Gutu for heart patients included butter chicken, tandoori chicken, shahi paneer and other “normal” Indian food, items which revolutionized the patient food served at hospitals – previously, the same patients would have been subjected to the ubiquitous hospital ‘khichadi’ and other ‘Bemariyon ka Khaana’, like watery soups and boiled vegetables with little, if any, taste! Chef Gutu created over 100 recipes in Indian, Continental and Chinese, with flavours minus the calories and cholesterol. These recipes are used by over 50 heart hospitals in India today.


Food is essentially about flavours and aroma, and Indian spices have ruled the world cuisine because of the aromatic nature of the spices grown in the subcontinent. The British East India Company came to India primarily for the ‘Spice Trade’. Indian spices are used extensively in Continental, Mexican, Thai and Chinese cuisines.


While all other cuisines have comparatively easier recipes, Indian food is very complex. Dal Makhani needs about 16 ingredients, Butter Chicken needs 21 ingredients and Pudina Chutney 18; in comparison, Chowmein needs only 8 ingredients, and Grilled Fish only about 6 ingredients.


Chef Gutu has been launched as a brand to serve you, to give advice on restaurant and hotel projects, to teach you passion for food, to train you in culinary arts. It is a small effort of Team Chef Gutu to help those who need this brand’s help in nurturing whatever is their dream.


Dream of having:

  • A great wedding

  • Good food

  • Opening a restaurant


We shall plan, execute and deliver your dreams, small and big. You share your ideas and suggestions, we at Team Chef Gutu will help you in fulfilling them.

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