Party Ideas

Some new ideas for partying that we wish to promote are:


Party packages: no frill catering for your select get-togethers. Delivering customized menus to suit customers’ budget, delivered as a package, with a minimum package for ten persons. Packages can have flexible menus, with multi-cuisine choices. Based on customers’ budget, and delivered on advance payment.


Single Cuisine Parties: Team Chef Gutu wishes to initiate a trend – have a party with only one cuisine, enjoy food, be a connoisseur, be a ‘foodie’… do not create a ‘mall’ and a ‘food court’ at every party, be selective; do not pile up your plate with pizza, puri, and phulka. Be Italian if you want to have pizza, have spaghetti and Risotto with your garlic bread, and enjoy your olives. When you wish to have ‘chaat’, have a real ‘chaat’ party with street food.

  • Company promoted by Chef Gutu


  • Forty years in the food business.


  • Pioneer of Chinese food vans in Delhi, creating a revolution in food marketing.


  • Farmhouse catering since 1990.


  • High-end institutional catering at Heart Institute, serving 5000 persons daily for 21 years.


  • Restaurant consultant to fast-food, multi-cuisine, bakery and fine dining restaurants like Moti Mahal.


  • Team Chef Gutu is party catering with a personal touch.

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